Our Values

At Whittlesea Community Connections we aim to identify and break down barriers to accessing information and specialised support services and work towards building individual and community resilience.

As a community-led organisation, Whittlesea Community Connections works alongside individuals, families and groups to create opportunities to build and strengthen connections, supporting a community that is better able to support itself.

We aim to deliver high quality, flexible services that are person centred, holistic and integrated and will:

  • Improve peoples lives and life chances
  • Support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • Support access to appropriate and integrated services and resources
  • Encourage everyone to participate.

Our vision is for a Whittlesea in which people and agencies work together to make a positive difference to their community, ensuring that everyone has equal access to the community’s resources and services.

Each and every one of our services and programs reflect our core values:

We support individuals and communities in making choices and decisions to meet their own needs.

We provide services that are impartial and supportive of diversity.

Not for Profit
We provide high quality services that are free at the point of delivery to residents of Whittlesea.

We approach our relationships and provide services in a way that protects clients’ privacy and confidentiality.

We value the diversity of the community and commit to strengthening inclusiveness in all aspects of our work.

We value and guard our independence including the right to comment and advocate on local, state and federal government policy and to decide and manage our own affairs according to the laws of the land.